Background history about Oromia Seed Enterprise Seed

Oromia Seed Enterprise (OSE) has been established by the Oromia Regional State Regulation No. 108/2000 of the Oromia Regional State to implement Agricultural and Rural Development Policy and Strategy to Ensure Fast and Sustainable Economic Development By transplanting the quality seeds in quantity and quality to ensure rapid and sustainable economic growth through the implementation of agricultural and rural development policies and strategies as its authority and role in the development.
The Oromia Seed Enterprise currently has 17 farms under three branches (Arsi Branch, Bale Branch and West Oromia Branch) and has a total of 35,550.91 hectares of land. Out of this, 32,919.85 hectares can be cultivated. The Oromia Seed Enterprise has been able to increase its seed supply from 66,581 quintals in 2019/2020 to 549,637 quintals in 2019/2020 and the quality of seeds increased from 48,263 quintals in 2019/2020 to 500,000 quintals in 2019/2020. In terms of racial segregation, it has increased to 475,000 quintals in 2019/2020. Accordingly, due to the increase in seed distribution, the number of home-grown seeds has been reduced to 25,000 quintals (5%) The Oromia Seed Enterprise has acquired the land owned by the federal government and is engaged in the production of the quality seeds it needs.


To ensure sustainable results by maximizing the benefits of users by providing high quality and productivity at the right time and place by replicating and preparing the quality seeds, based on customer demand, using advanced farming technology and competent and committed leaders and employees.


Recognize leading and middle class in seed supply and quality in East Africa by 2022.

Core Values

The main values of the enterprise are listed below:
1. We live for change in society
2. We do not compromise on quality assurance
3. Our client is the basis of our lives.
4. Dealing with a different workplace
5. Learning from work while working with determination
6. Time should not be wasted
7. Our workplace is our philosophical place

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