Integrated Seed Sector Development/ ISSD


The ISSD Oromia South and West unit, based at Oromia Seed Enterprise, is one of the six program implementing partners of the Program on Integrated Seed Sector Development (ISSD) in Ethiopia. Its aim is to strengthen the development of vibrant, commercial and pluralistic seed sector in Ethiopia. The program is funded by the Directorate General for International Cooperation through the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Addis Ababa. The unit is responsible for the implementation of eight components in south and western Oromia. These components are local seed business, seed companies- small and medium scale, private seed producers, partnerships and innovation, enabling and evolving seed policies, research and studies, sharing experiences and lessons learnt and capacity development. Seed policies take an integrated approach to seed sector development, fostering a pluralistic approach and policy makers adapt to changing circumstances, diverse environments and societal demands. ISSD south western Oromia promotes the development of enabling and evolving policies in collaboration with pertinent partners. In its partnership component the unit focuses on regional issues of supporting the regional agriculture sector in terms of initiating the establishment of regulatory body towards ensuring production and supply of quality seed, making the availability of early generation seed a system, initiating direct seed marketing that is supposed to result in relatively supply of quality seed and accountability in terms of distribution where the producer and the farmers (Customers) make business face to face. Furthermore, studies have been conducted to identify basic problems observed in the region's current seed demand assessment mechanisms. Innovations need to become more evidence-based through research and studies by conducting ISSD relevant research, supporting MSc thesis research and PhD studies, training experts in multidisciplinary seed sector approaches; and publishing in scientific and popular media, which, indeed is one among the sector service components of ISSD Ethiopia Oromia South and West unit. More on issd visit the following web site

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